German Tax Updates in May 2024

1.  Earn-out Payments are not Taxable Until Received 

2.  Reversal of Hidden Reserves: Profit Surcharge of 6% is Legal 

3.  Caution Against Occupational Hazards for Short-Term Employees 

4.  Basic Information of the Electronic Logbook – Changes Must be Excluded or At Least Documented 

5.  Job Search: Which Application Costs are Tax Deductible?


German Tax Updates in March 2024 

1. Uncertainties regarding Real Estate Transfer Tax have been eliminated 

2. Shareholder Managing Director : Private Use of Company Car is to be assumed

3. Meals from the Employer as Non-Cash Benefits will apply from 2024

4. New Income Limits for Parental Allowance (Elterngeld)


German Tax Updates in January 2024

1. Update in Mandatory Electronic Invoicing.

2. Gastronomy from 1st January, 2024: VAT Rate jumps back to 19%.

3. Private use benefit from company cars: Changing the calculation method can save taxes.

4. Due to increase in the annual income threshold as of 1st January, 2024: Reassess public health insurance obligation.

5. Low-value assets.

6. Special depreciation according to Section 7g Individual Tax Law.


German Tax Updates in November 2023

1. Improvement in company car taxation of electric vehicles planned from 2024.

2. BFH decision on non-cash benefits from company car hire.

3. Loss from the sale of significant shares of GmbH.

4. BFH ruled on the legal situation related to GmbH insolvency.

5. Treatment under income tax related to subsequent payment of social security contributions by means of a summation notice.


Provisional and conditional agreement on the CBAM

The Council of the European Union reached a provisional and conditional agreement on the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) regulation.  CBAM was proposed by the European Commission („EC”) in July 2021 to prevent the risk of carbon leakage. The products of the following sectors will be covered by CBAM; iron and steel, cement, fertilizers, aluminium, electricity, and hydrogen, as well as some precursors and a limited number of downstream products. Indirect emissions would also be included in the regulation in a well-circumscribed manner. 


Negotiation position on the corporate sustainability due diligence directive was adopted by Council of the European Union

On December 1, 2022, the Council of the European Union adopted its negotiation position on the corporate sustainability due diligence directive. 

Similar regulations of supply chain due diligence have been enacted or implemented in multiple member states, such as Germany and France.  This directive will unify, if it would be implemented, supply chain acts regulations of the Member states. 


CSRD was approved by the Council of the European Union

On November 28, 2022, the Council of the European Union approved the corporate sustainability reporting directive („CSRD“). There have been no significant updates from the version which was provisionally agreed upon by the Council and European Parliament in June 2022. 


HLS Global and AGS Consulting Establish Joint Venture

A partnership created to empower Japanese companies to expand globally

Torrance, CA, U.S.A. / Tokyo, Japan:

On December 6, 2022, Hotta Liesenberg Saito LLP (HLS) and AGS Consulting Co., Ltd. (AGS) announced the establishment of a joint venture to provide a wide range of support services to Japanese companies expanding globally. In announcing this significant partnership, the two companies are sharing their vision, spirit, and resources while fully committed to the growth and success of all our clients.


HLS Global Group and HWS GmbH & Co. KG Form International Strategic Joint Venture

July 30, 2020

Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A. / Stuttgart, Germany:

Today, Hotta Liesenberg Saito LLP, a leading international accounting, taxation, and business advisory firm, announced a new joint venture with HWS GmbH & Co. KG, a German full-service accounting, taxation, and business advisory firm with a rich history spanning nearly a century. This partnership will empower existing and new clients by creating new business opportunities for Japanese companies in Germany and for German companies globally.

“Our expertise is providing advisory services to Japanese companies operating around the globe. After starting in the U.S. 30 years ago and establishing offices in Japan, Mexico, and India, I’m excited to partner with HWS to extend our service line to Germany and to the EU,” says HLS Global Managing Partner Shunsuke Saito. “We always wanted to expand our presence in Europe, and recent developments, such as Brexit and the Japan-EU Economic Partnership Agreement, make it the perfect time to forge a joint venture with HWS, a company that shares our core value of building trusted relationships with our clients.”

“By expanding the HLS Global and HWS networks in Europe through this partnership, we can better serve Japanese and international clients in Germany by applying our regional expertise to handle all of their financial matters,” says HWS Managing Partner Ingo Haug. “We’ve noticed increasing demand from international customers in the German market, and we’ve enjoyed an excellent working relationship with HLS Global. Both of our companies share a common mission of putting the happiness of our clients and employees first, and this joint venture is an opportunity to show that to the world.”

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